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Custom Wheels

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Would you like your vehicle to stand out? Custom wheels can make your car or truck unique and even perform better!

You can choose custom wheels based on how you use your vehicle use and driving conditions. You can increase the size of your wheels and perform better in off-road driving or for instance you can add spinning rims to drive around town.

Stop by our store to discuss which options do you have!

What type of custom wheels do you want?

Aluminum Alloy Wheels: Light-weight and strong, these wheels improve performance, handling, and gas mileage. They also make your ride look cool and come in a finish that's right for you.

Custom Steel Wheels: Heavier than aluminum, these wheels are perfect for off-road driving and heavy-duty work. These strong wheels improve vehicle stability and come with finish options.

After choosing your wheels, pick a finish. Common options include: polished, painted, powder-coated, or chrome plated finish. Feel free to ask one of our professionals which finish best suits your needs.


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