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Lifting and Leveling Kits

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You can increase performance and enhance off-road driving if you add a lifting or a leveling to your vehicle. And it adds style too!

What is important is to choose the right equipment for your vehicle and there is no best place than Central Car Care in Phoenix, Arizona to help you out.

It is extremely important that the installation of lighting and/or leveling is done by professionals. If installed incorrectly, it can cause an accident or a breakdown!

Lift Kit

Common types of lift kits:

  • Lifted Spring Suspension Kits:

As the most common type of lift, this kit offers a few extra inches of clearance and larger tires. With this kit you remain in control and feel safe driving on the highway.

  • Shackle Suspension Lift Kits:

Shackle suspension kits work best for someone who wants "looks," yet does not intend to go off-road. This kit is typically the most affordable, but does not offer the safety required for serious OTR (off the road) drivers. Lower cost comes with poorer steering and control.

  • Shackle Reverse Lift Kits:

Reverse lift kits create a smooth ride off-the-road. While perfect in the woods, shackle reverse lift kits do not offer great freeway or highway control.

  • Coil Suspension Lift Kits:

Coil suspension lift kits are one of the more expensive options. They also are the best lifts you can put on a vehicle. You can do heavy off-the-road travel while enjoying control on the freeway. The cost comes with the professional installation.

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits improve your vehicle's look as well as provide added safety. Your vehicle may weigh more in the front or rear, depending on the vehicle type or modifications. An unbalanced vehicle that sags towards either end not only makes the vehicle look less appealing, but also affects handling, suspension, and tire wear. Vehicle-specific leveling kits balance the weight of your ride and create proper alignment. Get your vehicle assessed today.

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