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Tire Repair/Flat Repair

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You cannot drive with a flat or damaged tire: safety should be your major concern and driving with a flat tire can damage the wheel and the suspension. If you drive with a flat tire at high speed, you can lose control of the vehicle. Flat or damaged tires need to be repaired immediately.

Especially in Arizona it is common for tires to deflate. But also any sharp object can cause a flat tire. We repair tire tread punctures up to 1/4" in diameter. We do NOT recommend repairing larger punctures or punctures to the tire's shoulder and sidewall.

Proper tire repair is critical and any puncture or injury to a tire will affect its performance. If you have any questions regarding your tire's condition, we'll be glad to inspect them for you.

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We wish to say in advance, "Thank You" for your patronage. In lieu of the fact that we are a "Family Business" we have to ensure that our customer are completely satisfied with our work, service and staff! Value and outstanding service are the cornerstone to our business.

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Diesel Engine Service Available

We are specialized in Diesel Engines, contact us for any kind of service.